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SLEEPY HOLLOW COACH CHASE V2Moving Target | Moving Target
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2nd Unit Director Alan Munro
Studio Paramount
Director Tim Burton

Director Tim Burton and I have always shared a love for the Hammer horror films of the 60s. What a thrill to actually shoot one — and in England no less. And what a logistical nightmare. The forest was built inside an aircraft hangar — just long enough for the coach to get up to speed. Add to that, the ceiling was only 22 feet high — the horseman’s swinging sword was barely missing the lights. As a result, every edit is pretty much the entire usable piece of film; on the next frame you’re seeing off the set. Painstaking, but worth it. A childhood dream come true.

For a further sampling of my Sleepy Hollow 2nd Unit work, click here. Or if you’d rather look at previous collaborations with Mr. Burton, check this out.

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